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State Fair of Texas, y’all

State Fair of Texas, y’all

Big Tex

Big Tex

We went to the State Fair today, which was more of an adventure than it has been in ages. We scored free tickets and took the DART Rail, which really gave our budget more bang for the buck!

After a quick meet and greet with Big Tex, we hit the auto show, the Hall of State (my favorite building in Fair Park because of the architectures, Jeff’s favorite building everbecause he met Phil…

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A very wedding post

A very wedding post

I try very hard not to constantly talk about my wedding all the time, in person and online, but we are closing in and today was a banner day! I’ve managed my fair share of big projects and events before, but this is the first of either that changes my life forever. While meeting with our caterer and cake baker, Christine, I described my approach to our wedding: Instead of finding a checklist of…

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Another marketing rant

I believe that Future Ashley will forgive another marketing rant because I know she’ll appreciate the reminder to remain passionate about messaging and branding! On with the rant…

I got a call today from a recruiter. First, she told me that my resume was “neat.” Almost 20 years of professional experience is … neat?! Next, she told me that the “social media mastermind” position she was trying to…

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All roads lead to marketing.

All roads lead to marketing.

All roads lead to marketing in my world. I absolutely expected that some of my marketing-fu would help me in my wedding planning — I’ve worked with printers, so doing my own invitations and other stationery is fun and easy; creating a wedding website and app was pretty fun, too. I can maintain a mean Pinterest board that should be the envy of other brides! Fellow marketers, stick with me because…

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Important stuff: Makeup and recipes

Important stuff: Makeup and recipes

For my makeup junkies.

A while ago, I bought the famous Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet. Everyone raves about the UD Naked pallets, so I was thrilled to have the basic pallet.

I also impulse-purchased the NYX Natural pallet. I was thinking that I could examine the NYX against the UD and return one, but I found merit in both of them, and kept them both.

I’ve been using both of them, and I have to…

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Laundry Armageddon 2014


Laundrageddon turned into Socknado! I unearthed about two dozen pairs of socks for donation or wear. The Socknado purge also led to another purge of nearby drawers. Goodbye ratty socks and things, hello neatly folded socks and clothes!

I took out a huge bag of trash last night, and 90 percent of the bag was full of the aforementioned purged ratty things. I have…

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Cleanse and purge for a new year

Cleanse and purge for a new year

Friday, work gave me a birthday cake so good I teared up. Next time you need a cake, allow me to suggest the red velvet from Nothing Bundt Cake, mine was the Center of Attention edition. Being the center of attention was a little nerve-wracking, but totally worth it for that cake!!

Such a decadent indulgence means I need to work it off, right?! I gave myself a day off from unpacking and…

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Selling it!

Way too much of my brain has been focused on lead generation for too long! I find myself continuing to struggle with maintaining a branding mindset, which is odd because my passion for marketing is actually more branding than lead gen! I guess shifting between the marketing languages one speaks is like shifting between any other languages one knows.

If I knew of anything I could so easily sell…

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First, I want to go on the record to say that I’m so happy to be on the gleeful side of change.

Veronica Mars movie

Veronica Mars movie

Second, what I asked for  for my birthday was to see the movie Veronica Mars. Hoo-to-the-ray, we saw it tonight! Friday nights I generally prefer to chill at home, but Jeff was up for it, and so we saw Veronica on the big screen!

That movie had so many references to the TV show that…

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This one’s for my ladies!

This one’s for my ladies!

Angela posted about her jam this morning, Discoball World. It’s a good jam! But here’s one I’ve been rocking out to today while packing, packing, packing:

Honestly, though, I still have no clue what he’s saying, even after all these years. I know the first line, the ba da dap part, and then “… if I save some money, and keep my grades UP!” Don’t care. It’s still a great jam.

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